Anthony’s London West End appearances include Jacob in Joseph Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat opposite Ian H. Watkins (aka ‘H’ from Steps) and The Ghost of Christmas Present in the London Palladium production of Scrooge – The Musical opposite Shane Richie and later Michael Barrymore for it’s UK tours, both for Bill Kenwright Productions.


His film and television work include: TVNZ’s ‘Good Morning’, NBC’s ‘Today Show’, Black Bob – The Little Sweep (Alfresco TV), the title role of St. David (Avanti TV/S4C), Gran Sacerdote – Nabucco (BBC 2) and King of Clubs – The Love for Three Oranges (Südwestfunk), Welsh National Opera’s 50th Anniversary Gala (BBC), The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama’s 50th Anniversary Gala ‘A Song of Celebration’ (BBC).


Anthony’s voice features as Sparafucile in Operavox’s puppet animation of Rigoletto and in the soundtracks of the feature films ‘Twin Town’ (Figment Films) and ‘The Warrior’ (Medusa Films).


Other media guest apperances include: Tri10 (S4C), Cerdd Y Cymry (Alresco TV / S4C), Black Bob, Rebecca Evans Show (Avanti TV / S4C), A Night To Remember (Opus Television / S4C), A Century of Song (Prospect Films / S4C), The Margaret Williams Show & Musicale (Huw Brian Williams Productions / S4C), Noson Lawen (Tonfedd / S4C), Môr o Gân (Daffodil / S4C), Datganiad (S4C), Llwyfan (S4C), Art Talks (Mal Pope / HTV), Tipyn bach O Jam and Heno (Agenda/S4C), P’nawn Da (S4C), Arvos with Annie Gastin (ABC Darwin), Beti â’i Phobl (BBC Radio Cymru), Showtime (Beverley Humphreys / BBC Radio Wales), Nicola Heywood Thomas (BBC Radio Wales) and A Tribute To Sondheim (BBC Radio Wales).





Guest Artist Good Morning                                  (TVNZ)


Christine Adair (TVNZ)

Thanks again for your wonderful performance on Good Morning yesterday and also for the fabulous on board hospitality yesterday afternoon. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was a lovely gesture on your part.


Astar (TVNZ)

Dear Boy, once again – wonderful to see you again, and a million thanks for a fabulous day and afternoon.  We all had SUCH a great time.


Sarah Bradley (TVNZ)

Wow! What a voice!



Guest Artist Arvos with Annie Gastin               ABC Darwin                           Annie Gastin (ABC Darwin)

How beautiful ….beautiful, beautiful!



Ghost of Christmas Present Scrooge – The Musical 2005/6                 Bill Kenwright Ltd.



Ali Dent

This Is South Cotswolds

But Shane (Richie) was not the only star on the night – other notable performances came from rising Welsh star Anthony Stuart Lloyd as the larger than life incarnation of the ghost of Christmas Present …



John Hannam

The Stage

Other than Shane Richie, for whom world stardom can’t be far off, there are eye-catching performances from James Earl Adair as Jacob Marley, Anthony Stuart Lloyd, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Geoffrey Abbott as Bob Cratchit. In essence, this is very much a team effort led from the front by the memorable performance of Shane Richie.



Catherine Jones

Liverpool Echo

While in the character stakes James Earl Adair’s Jacob Marley, and the Bryan Blessed-esque Ghost of Christmas Present (Anthony Stuart Lloyd) are worth half the ticket price alone.


Chris High

Chris High Theatre Reviews (

Stealing the limelight a little, Anthony Stuart Lloyd, as the gigantic Ghost of Christmas Present, gave an outstanding performance in which his rich baritone vocals filled the theatre as though it were a living room, …


Peter Grant

Daily Post

… while the Ghost of Christmas Present (Anthony Stuart Lloyd ) is decked out in festive lights and cannot fail to raise people’s spirits.


Richard Hope Hawkins

Clifton Chronicle

A larger than life Character is the Ghost of Christmas Present. Here we find the Welsh actor Anthony Stuart Lloyd trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and what a voice! Delightful and powerful, for here is a singer that is a true vocal entertainer.



Gerry Parker

Bristol Evening Post

A string of good performances are on view. Anthony Stuart Lloyd’s lovely, flamboyant, booming voiced Ghost of Christmas Present …



Caron Parsons

BBC Bristol (Online)

Special mentions for the large and melodic voice of Anthony Stuart Lloyd as the Ghost of Christmas Present; Stephen Weller as Scrooge’s nephew and the young Ebenezer, who had another fine set of lungs; and all the children from Bristol School of Performing Arts.



Paul Marston

Walsall Observer

‘A fine performance, too, from Anthony Stuart Lloyd as the jolly Ghost of Christmas Present. He sings I Like Life superbly.’


Clive Fuller

BBC Encore (Online Publication)

‘The Larger than life Ghost of Christmas Present was played commandingly by Anthony Stuart Lloyd whose robes were dazzling. The song “I Like Life” was uplifting with its “Milk of Human Kindness” and makes for a colourful and spectacular close to Act 1.


Jonathan Crump

Southampton Mayflower Website

Sheri Copeland (Ghost of Christmas Past) and Anthony Stuart Lloyd (Ghost of Christmas Present) are excellent. In particular the emotion between Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past is well portrayed when Scrooge finds out she is his sister. The effect when Sheri disappears through the mirror is very clever. Anthony has an amazingly strong voice and really brings out all the fun and goodwill of Christmas. He is perfectly cast to this role.




Kidderminster Shuttle

And the star (Shane Richie) receives creditable support from a strong cast, including Geoffrey Abbott as put upon clerk Bob Cratchit, Anthony Stuart Lloyd as a garrulous Ghost of Christmas Present and James Earl Adair’s guilt-ridden Jacob Marley.


Ghost of Christmas Present Scrooge – The Musical 2006/7                 Bill Kenwright Ltd.


Sunderland Echo

Alistair Robinson

Although the production is all about (Michael) Barrymore, it is not a one-man show. Barry Howard switches between poignancy and playfulness as Marley and Anthony Stuart Lloyd is a massive presence as The Ghost of Christmas Present.’



The Stage

Alan Bowler

‘Highlights include .., the huge form and voice of Christmas Present from Anthony Stuart Lloyd’


Reviews Gate

Ranjit Khutan

‘Anthony Stuart Lloyd (Christmas Present) has a vocal power that booms across the audience, adding to direction that gives the illusion that he is also large in stature.’



Chris High

Theatre Reviews

‘Other performances of note came from Geoffrey Abbott, who as Bob Cratchit, out-sang just about every other male on the stage, with the possible exception of Anthony Stuart Lloyd, who again – as he did last year with Shane Richie in the lead – played the role of Christmas Present, with great gusto, verve and pathos. This giant of a man can fill an auditorium so well with his voice and presence; he leaves an indelible mark on the evening.’



Late Night Ramblings

Gillian Brown

‘Highlights include Anthony Stuart Lloyd as The Ghost of Christmas Present- a powerful, yet velvety, baritone to sing I Like Life ;’



The Northern Echo

Viv Hardwick

Bob Cratchit (Geoffrey Abbott) and Ghost of Christmas Past (Anthony Stuart Lloyd) are the pick of the singers in a massive ensemble supported by impressive sets and props.’



Spencer Leigh

‘ … and the gargantuan Ghost of Christmas Present from Anthony Stuart Lloyd is great fun.’